Thursday, September 24, 2009

October 3, 1909

Mr Roy Shull
Maitland, Mo

Friend Roy,
I will endeavor to answer your letter that I received the other day. I guess you think I am answering it pretty quick but if I don't write as soon as I get it I put it off so long I don't write at all. Well, I was very much surprised to hear from you, I thought I was the last person you would think of after you left here.
Well, today is Sunday and I am in Myrtle Point today I came from home this afternoon. I am going to school in town again this winter. You ask me where Florence went, she is in Maine the town where she is in is Norridgewock, Maine. She is quite a little distance from where you are. I don't know which way Florence went but I think the central way I am not sure but she started from San Francisco, California and went through Colorado and Utah but I don't know what other states she went thru.
Well, everything is all OK on South Fork as far as I know. There has been quite a few things happened since you left but I suppose your folks have written all the happenings so I will not tell them again. You ask me if Emery was married yet, no he isn't married yet nor I don't know when he will be. Emery has been running the thrashing machine this fall and Elton is working at home and John is going to school in Myrtle Point this winter. I suppose you and Fred stay together all the time do you not? Tell Fred I saw his folks today they were down town to today I guess they are all well.
There has been so many weddings since you left it doesn't seem possible that Edna Hermann is married but it is so.
Well I am afraid my letter will grow too long so I guess I had better bring it to a close. I guess I have written all the news anyway and it is almost church time so I will close hoping to hear from you again.
From your friend,

PS Please excuse pencil this time for my ink is at the school house and also excuse mistakes for I have written in a hurry.