Wednesday, September 2, 2009

March 4, 1957

March 4, 1957
Postmarked North Bend, Oregon 1957
Enclosure: Birthday card to a brother on his birthday
Dear Folks,
So glad to hear from you and Thanks for the pretty card. Old Father Time has a way of catching up with us, if I figure right Roy you must be 69, I was 64 I know that am getting to be an old bird. Last Monday after Velma called me I tried to get you folks. So I found out you were away. Was glad Shorty could go with me. Kenneth and wife came from Phoenix and Minnie and Edna's family came. He looked so nice and were lots of flowers. He asked to be cremated Velma left after the services to go to the Hospital for her new baby. As we left Thursday eve to come home haven't hear what it was, and did you know Maggie Shauson was gone to. She was buried on Sunday a week ago. So one by one they slip away. Maggie would have been 81 in June and Ernest 76 in April. Think Minnie will come up later and stay awhile with Ettie Babe has added rooms and rooms on his house. Sure is nice now. Next he wants to add an upstairs for a play room for the kids. Called Maxine to-nite said June would be in the hospital a few days yet. Sure has been stormy but we can't complain on this winter and spring will soon be here and so will Reunion time. Wonder who will have them next year. I'll bet we have a whooper of a crowd too. Some Pa Shull's in California would like to come as they say they are from the same bunch. Lenore and Stanley are doing some work on the house. He is adding a Utility garage and workshops. Have redone the living room and kitchen and are doing the bathroom and bed rooms. Going to be real nice. Phyl is married and lives in Englewood she don't work. She married Jerry Fields. See them every few days. Come over when you can and hope this finds you both well.

Love Ada

PS Got my first Social Security check today so can sit in my old rocking chair and rock now.

This letter was addressed to Roy Shull, I am assuming that Ada is Roy's sister??? I will confirm that information when I check with the charts.