Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Endeavour

I have begun a new endeavor in my life. I have recently come across a pile of old letters. Letters that most families however treasured now may have lost long ago.
I am fortunate to have happened upon many letters dating as far back the mid ninetieth century. This is such a fascinating piece of tangible history that I am hard pressed to find the words to describe exactly how this makes me feel. To physically touch and handle something that my ancestors touched and felt is an amazing occasion. I am grateful that I have been chosen to find such letters.

I would like to share these letters with you, one at a time. One exciting piece of history, or more often the case one piece of daily monotony at a time. In these letters there is much to be learned and I hope you enjoy getting to know my family as much as I do. I have only begun to sift thru these letters so they are in no particular order whatsoever, so I will just pick one and begin. I will later scan them and attach a copy of the original letter to the "translated" letter that I have typed. I use the term translated I think very accurately, because if anyone has ever seen the hand writing from a century ago you know it is almost like a different language completely. I will do my best to describe the relationship that each person has to one another. Thank you for reading and if nothing more I do this for posterity.
Love to all,